Comments on RBNZ’s second capital review paper: What should qualify as bank capital?

The RBNZ wants to redefine capital. My comments are below. In short: don’t let perfection be the enemy of the good. The RBNZ runs the risk of achieving just what it does not want by going it alone. A DIY-definition of capital makes the Reserve Bank vulnerable to structuring. Moreover, the problems signalled by the Reserve […]

ECB goes soft on capital requirement harmonisation

The ECB just published their plans to harmonise Options and Discretions in the CCR available to Euro-zone banks. Initially, the ECB set promising expectations. It had identified a whopping 160 Options and Discretions, many of which were meant to be chopped. See this interview with a very confident Ignazio Angeloni some weeks ago. But the […]

In defence of bank DTAs

Over the last weeks, the issue of bank Deferred Tax Assets (DTAs) came up again. What does not really help ending this story is the confusion on the subject of DTAs. Let me make a stab in trying to end the DTA confusion. Here are some snippets that from various news sources that I gathered. […]

Jay, the EBA and BCBS Basel III monitoring results are out

The EBA and the Basel committee just published the Basel III monitoring results. Click here to view the results of the EBA monitoring exercise. Click here to view the results of the BCBS monitoring exercise. Best is to describe the results using graphs, in this case from the EBA report. Note, these are results of […]

Basel’s damning report about EU’s definition of bank capital

Here is the Basel III RCAP report. On first sight, it looks bad: “In view of this, the prudential regulatory framework in the EU and the nine Member States was evaluated to be materially non-compliant with the minimum standards prescribed under the Basel framework.” However, how bad is it? Having skimmed trough the report with […]

EU Leverage Ratio Gap

I used the stress test data to compute the gap between the leverage ratio and the risk-weighted ratio (CET1 ratio). The ECB data offers the leverage ratio data inputs. To measure the ratios by country, I used the totals of A3 and A4 for the CET1 ratio and the totals for A3 and A5 for Leverage […]

The ECB 2014 AQ data in one Excel file – with pivots and LEI codes

Same for the ECB data, the source data looks fancy, but here is one file with pivots and matching LEI-codes, so you can match with the EBA data.

The market for hybrids is open for business!

BPCE (A2/A/A) announced a benchmark USD RegS/144A dated Tier 2 transaction with IPTs of UST+230bps area. HSBC Bank Plc (Aa3/AA-/AA-) is expected to issue its inaugural multi-currency AT1 transaction this week following a global investor roadshow. Credit Agricole (A2/A/A)  is holding investor meetings in the US and Europe starting from 8 September for a possible […]

Jay! The ECB’s AQR manual is out

The European Central Bank (ECB) published a detailed manual providing guidelines for authorities and their third-party supporters in carrying out on-site inspection aimed at checking the quality of the biggest banks’ assets in the bloc. Click here for the manual. Or here if the first link does not work. Click here for the Comprehensive Assessment […]

On the Comprehensive Assement List: RBS N.V.

RBS N.V. features on the list of designated banks for the Comprehensive Assessment (CA). See the ECB CA document here. Though the name suggests Scottish origins, RBS N.V. is incorporated in the Netherlands; thus subject to direct Dutch supervision (and indirectly subjected to UK supervision via the Bank of England, which supervises RBS Group, the […]