Consulting, Advice, Teaching

Meet the person behind this blog: Martien Lubberink, and I stand out in the world of finance for my deep understanding of bank regulation and my exceptional ability to demystify complex banking concepts for a diverse audience. With a seasoned background in consulting and academia, I offer a unique blend of expertise, especially in bank capital regulation and capital instruments under Basel III.

A Trusted Advisor and Educator

My advisory services have guided banks, regulatory bodies, and financial institutions through the nuances of Basel III capital standards and beyond. My involvement in the European implementation of Basel III and as a member of the Basel Committee Task Force on Evaluations (TFE) underscores my pivotal role in shaping financial regulation on a global scale.

My tenure as an associate professor at Victoria University Wellington – Te Herenga Waka exemplifies my commitment to education, where I simplify accounting and banking for students and professionals alike. My teaching is highly regarded, reflecting my dedication to making intricate financial topics accessible and engaging.

Bridging the Gap Through Communication

What sets me apart is my unparalleled ability to communicate complex financial matters in a clear, understandable manner. Whether through consulting, report writing, or teaching, I bridge the knowledge gap, empowering those not traditionally equipped with financial expertise to grasp intricate regulatory concepts and capital issues.

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For organizations and individuals looking to navigate the complexities of bank regulation with clarity and confidence, I offer the expertise and insight to lead the way. Embrace the opportunity to transform your understanding of financial regulation through the lens of an experienced educator and consultant.

Reach out to me and elevate your financial strategy with expert guidance and transformative educational insights.

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