Double leverage, a regulatory tribulation

Last week, the UK Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) published a consultation paper on group policy and double leverage, in which the PRA wants to limit the risks arising from excessive double leverage. The consultation paper and the associated speech by Sam Woods received some coverage, though the ECM addendum on Non-Performing Loans probably attracted more […]

The language of Capital and Equity

Frances Coppola this week posted on her blog an explanation of Capital, liquidity and the countercyclical buffer, in plain English. Frances posted because of Caroline Binham’s use of language in a Financial Times article. Caroline, according to Frances, is wrong. So wrong even that she takes it out on Caroline, blaming her for not being […]

EU Leverage Ratio Gap

I used the stress test data to compute the gap between the leverage ratio and the risk-weighted ratio (CET1 ratio). The ECB data offers the leverage ratio data inputs. To measure the ratios by country, I used the totals of A3 and A4 for the CET1 ratio and the totals for A3 and A5 for Leverage […]

The Italian DTAs

Today the Wall Street Journal reported on an alleged loophole in EU bank capital rules. The loophole pertains to deferred tax assets (DTAs), a regulatory area where tax rules and accounting rules meet. Apparently some countries exploit a DTA loophole: Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece. Uh oh, these countries, the usual suspects. There is something really wrong here. […]

How shady actually was the Santander-Goldman deal?

With Matt Levine I share the fascination for the deal that featured in last week’s This American Life and in Propublica. I also wonder why actually this deal would be shady, as the Propublica story wants us to believe. Though Matt does a fair amount of explaining, the deal involves a simple transaction, recorded by two one journal entry. It […]

Bank capital on track

Today both the EBA and the Basel committee published their Basel III monitoring reports. These reports measure the progress banks make regarding the implementation of the new bank capital rules.   The results look encouraging, banks have added capital since the April 2009 G20, shortfalls are lower than before, and not near the voodoo stories […]

Caveat emptor? We should probably do more than tell banks how to sell CoCos.

Last week, the three European financial regulators warned financial institutions that they should tread carefully when it comes to marketing CoCos: capital securities that may convert or be written off when a bank gets into trouble. The warning may have been prompted by the failure of UK’s Co-operative bank or Dutch bank SNS. These failures bailed-in […]

EBA publishes leverage ratio disclosure templates

The European Banking Authority published its final draft Implementing Technical Standards (ITS) on disclosure for the leverage ratio. These draft ITS include all the items that are relevant for leverage ratio disclosure under EU bank rules, in line with the Basel disclosure framework. The disclosure framework offers four templates: a template reconciling the figures of the […]

EBA publishes an interactive, comprehensive, version of EU bank regulation

Under the umbrella of the Single Rulebook, the European Banking Authority (EBA) launched the interactive Single Rulebook, an on-line tool designed to facilitate navigation through the single set of harmonised prudential rules in the EU banking sector. This is a neat initiative, as it combines presentation of the rules with the Q&A’s and the technical […]