Double leverage, a regulatory tribulation

Last week, the UK Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) published a consultation paper on group policy and double leverage, in which the PRA wants to limit the risks arising from excessive double leverage. The consultation paper and the associated speech by Sam Woods received some coverage, though the ECM addendum on Non-Performing Loans probably attracted more […]

Good luck harmonising European bank capital!

Following up on my post of some days ago on Europe’s efforts to harmonise bank capital, it dawned upon me that this harmonisation plan will probably not go well. Today, Danièle Nouy confirmed there will be a consultation on ECB’s efforts to harmonise Options and National Discretions (ONDs) in the CRR. Consultation, consultation, consultation. Mind […]

ABN Amro’s dodgy spin-off readiness

Yesterday the Dutch government announced that it asked ABN Amro to prepare for re-floating on the stock market. The Dutch bank was nationalized in 2008 after the collapse of Fortis. With EU requirements on State support for ABN Amro expiring next year, the bank could be freed from the State as soon as next year. According to the […]

EU conglomerate capital rules expose ING’s weak group capital

This week ING revealed its plans to spin off its Korean insurance unit, see this link from Bloomberg. This made me wonder how this bank-assurer would fare under the current capital rules for conglomerates. The current Fico Directive is clear: ” … the multiple use of elements eligible for the calculation of own funds at […]