Bank of America, nothing complex, it’s noblesse oblige!

What surprised me this week about the capital calculation cock-up of Bank of America Meryll Linch were the reactions of the press. The financial press responded to this gaffe by highlighting the difficulties of calculating capital. Reuters, for example wrote: “The announcement illustrates how difficult it is to determine appropriate capital levels for the biggest banks.” Capital […]

Do Regulatory Bank Capital Adjustments actually work?

This recent social science research network paper (A primer on regulatory bank capital adjustments) examines regulatory adjustments. These are adjustments that banks apply to book equity to calculate Tier 1 regulatory capital. The paper, relying on U.S. data, documents a decreasing relation between regulatory adjustments and bank solvency. Specifically, low solvency banks benefit from regulatory […]

Another one (BOA) bites the AOCI dust.

Bloomberg News reports quite accurately on BOA’s AOCI perils. Bank of America’s AOCI loss more than doubled to $7.71 billion at the end of June from $3.49 billion on March 31, according to figures released on the bank’s website.Under rules proposed by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, known as Basel III, the regulatory capital measure […]

AOCI rule effects – nine banks affected.

I just checked the Basel III AOCI rule – discussed by Reuters last week – using real data from bank holding companies. This is what inclusion would amount to, using 12/31/2012 data from US bank holdings, including the unrealized gains currently excluded from capital: Name Leverage Ratio UR Gains filter LR w.o. filter bank of ny […]