The European Commission consults on CRR and CRD IV and on bank financing

Just before the summer break, the EC published a consultation on the effects of higher bank capital requirements under the CRR. Time to pay back! This is an important consultation, as generally only interested parties (banks) contribute. Unfortunately, in particular academics stay away from these consultations. This is depressing. Given that European academics seldom work for private […]

Greek Banks and Article 92 CRR

Silvia Merler published a great post on the solvency of Greek banks. Though she focuses on CET1 ratios, I just realised that Article 92 of the CRR requires this: 1.   Subject to Articles 93 and 94, institutions shall at all times satisfy the following own funds requirements: (a) a Common Equity Tier 1 capital ratio […]

EU Leverage Ratio Gap

I used the stress test data to compute the gap between the leverage ratio and the risk-weighted ratio (CET1 ratio). The ECB data offers the leverage ratio data inputs. To measure the ratios by country, I used the totals of A3 and A4 for the CET1 ratio and the totals for A3 and A5 for Leverage […]

The ECB 2014 AQ data in one Excel file – with pivots and LEI codes

Same for the ECB data, the source data looks fancy, but here is one file with pivots and matching LEI-codes, so you can match with the EBA data.

The EBA 2014 stress test data in one Excel file – with pivot table

The EBA’s stress test data is can be downloaded from their site, but it is spread around across several files. For your convenience, please click here for an Excel file that offers a flat file with combined data. Click here to download the same file, but with pivot tables for your convenience.  

Homework for the upcoming week: EU bank capital rules.

With the EBA and the ECB announcing results of the stress test and the AQR next week, and with feeble banks shivering, you may consider setting aside a couple of hours this week to read the terms and conditions of bank capital instruments. Maybe your investment in capital securities of EU banks is at risk, maybe not. […]

The Italian DTAs

Today the Wall Street Journal reported on an alleged loophole in EU bank capital rules. The loophole pertains to deferred tax assets (DTAs), a regulatory area where tax rules and accounting rules meet. Apparently some countries exploit a DTA loophole: Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece. Uh oh, these countries, the usual suspects. There is something really wrong here. […]

The market for hybrids is open for business!

BPCE (A2/A/A) announced a benchmark USD RegS/144A dated Tier 2 transaction with IPTs of UST+230bps area. HSBC Bank Plc (Aa3/AA-/AA-) is expected to issue its inaugural multi-currency AT1 transaction this week following a global investor roadshow. Credit Agricole (A2/A/A)  is holding investor meetings in the US and Europe starting from 8 September for a possible […]

EBA’s ongoing struggle with bank disclosures

Will EBA will ever get it right when it comes to banks disclosures? After last week’s publication of proposed disclosure guidelines for banks, I am afraid that European bank disclosures will remain the wallflower of bank regulation … for some time at least. In the year of the AQR and the stress test, one would expect the […]

And BOE follows with details of UK stress test

Shortly after EBA, the  BOE published its own stress test definition. From the announcement: “A key threshold for the UK variant test will be set at 4.5% of Risk Weighted Assets (RWAs), to be met with Common Equity Tier 1 (CET1) capital in the stress – using a CRD IV end-point definition of CET1 in line […]