Sovereign Holdings by EU Banks

The EBA just published the results of the 2016 transparency exercise. Yay! The EBA decided to deliver on its promise to present more detailed data of individual banks. (I hope the EBA now forgives me for posting a critical note on their bank disclosure plans earlier this year.) I toyed a bit with the data […]

EBA announces key features of the 2014 EU-wide Stress Test

With no analysis from my own yet: The European Banking Authority (EBA) announced today the key components of the forthcoming 2014 EU-wide stress test that will be conducted on a wide sample of EU banks. The objective of the EU-wide stress tests is to help supervisors assess the resilience of financial institutions in the European […]

EBA advises Europe to overturn Basel III rule on unrealized gains

Among the many publications that the EBA posted on its website last week, the Technical advice to the Commission (EC) on the treatment of unrealized gains deserves attention. Not only because of its content, but also because of the clarity, depth, and breadth of covering the issue of unrealized gains. Here is the context: EBA’s advice […]

On the Comprehensive Assement List: RBS N.V.

RBS N.V. features on the list of designated banks for the Comprehensive Assessment (CA). See the ECB CA document here. Though the name suggests Scottish origins, RBS N.V. is incorporated in the Netherlands; thus subject to direct Dutch supervision (and indirectly subjected to UK supervision via the Bank of England, which supervises RBS Group, the […]