EBA updates its Risk Dashboard

The European Banking Authority (EBA) published today the periodical update to its Risk Dashboard summarizing the main risks and vulnerabilities in the banking sector on the basis of the evolution of a set of Risk Indicators (RI) across the EU. You really have to critically analyse this report, as it contains mixed messages on the capitalization […]

Deutsche Bank’s buyback justifies more fair value accounting

Deutsche bank intends to buy back a significant amount of debt, according to the FT. Interestingly, I wrote about these buybacks in a paper with Annelies Renders of Maastricht university. These buyback transactions are generally disappointing. The idea is to generate CET1 capital, but this goes at the expense of liquidity and solvency, thus not contributing […]

Is the European Commission phasing out MREL?

It spooked the markets for good reasons, but the leaked EC document on the merger of TLAC and MREL did not receive the attention that it deserves. Yes, Reuters reported on the leaked Information Note from the Commission Services for the European Commission Expert Group on Banking, Payments and Insurance. However I am not sure […]