Yay! EBA presents the 2015 EU-wide transparency exercise results

Today, the EBA presented the 2015 EU-wide transparency exercise results.

I am reading the data, which shows improvements in the resilience of the EU banking sector, covers around 70% of total EU banking assets for the reference dates of 31 December 2014 and 30 June 2015. (Some banks have not even published their capital positions via their semi-annuals!)

By disclosing these fully comparable figures in user friendly formats, the EBA aims to promote greater understanding of capital positions and exposures of the EU banking sector and foster market discipline in the Single Market.

The results demonstrates an increasing resilience in the EU banking sector as capital levels have strengthened further.

Nonetheless, EU banks will need to continue addressing the level of non-performing loans which remain a drag on profitability.

Note the truly  eye-popping interactive tool.

See here the EBA site.

See here the results page.

See here the report.