Even better: EBA presents its EU-wide Transparency Exercise Results

Adding to my backlog of actions to comment on, EBA parcels out one interesting feature after the other. It just posted the results of the EU-wide transparency exercise. It provides updated information on the European banks that were part of the recapitalisation exercise in 2012. The information covers data on banks’ composition of capital, composition of RWAs, exposures to sovereigns, credit risk, market risk and securitisation, as well as Loan To Value (LTV) across portfolios.

Most interesting is the interactive dataset, that can be downloaded here.

Straight from the EBA site, the highlight on capital: “The data released by the EBA showed a continued positive trend in EU banks’ capital position: Core Tier 1 (CT1) increased by more than EUR 80 bn between December 2011 and June 2013; combined with a reduction of EUR 817 bn in RWAs, this led to an improvement of the CT1 ratio by 170 bp, from 10% to 11.7%.”