Jay! EBA clarifies dividend multiples

This is helpful, even with the risk of introducing rules that allow banks to pay minimum, promised, payment amounts. The European Banking Authority (EBA) launched a consultation Draft Regulatory Technical Standards on bank capital  aimed at setting harmonised criteria for instruments with multiple distributions that would create a disproportionate drag on capital, as well as […]

A bank capital proposal that hardly bites

Last Saturday, Professors Benink (Tilburg), Sanders (Utrecht), and Kool (Utrecht) of the Sustainable Finance Lab (a research outfit initiated by former Rabobank board of directors chair Herman Wijffels) presented a proposal for strengthening capital for banks in the Netherlands. The professors respond to the 4% leverage ratio proposal of the Dutch government. Instead of 4%, […]

The Ecofin statement on how to deal with banks going forward

The Ecofin statement from last Friday (November 15, 2013) is here.

The NZ Reserve Bank publishes its Financial Stability Report

FSR’s are always a rich source of information. Today the Reserve Bank of New Zealand published its latest. The Reserve Bank has deployed macro prudential measures to cool down the housing market – something of interest to Europe standard setters. For the blurb click here. For the page that contains the relevant pdfs, click here. […]