Another one (BOA) bites the AOCI dust.

Bloomberg News reports quite accurately on BOA’s AOCI perils.

Bank of America’s AOCI loss more than doubled to $7.71 billion at the end of June from $3.49 billion on March 31, according to figures released on the bank’s website.
Under rules proposed by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, known as Basel III, the regulatory capital measure known as Tier 1 common equity will also incorporate changes to AOCI. A steep enough drop could push a bank below the minimum ratio and force it to raise capital. 

The amount of AOCI excluded by BOA from Tier 1 at March 31 was $3.99bn, so BOA would benefit from Bazel III‘s footnote 10:

There is no adjustment applied to remove from Common Equity Tier 1 unrealised gains or losses recognised on the balance sheet. Unrealised losses are subject to the transitional arrangements set out in paragraph 94 (c) and (d). The Committee will continue to review the appropriate treatment of unrealised gains, taking into account the evolution of the accounting framework.