ESA’s tough final Regulatory Standards on conglomerate capital are out.

This is complicated material. But … looking at Article 9 of this standard, the bar for recognition of supplementary capital looks high. Even though it applies after the entry into force of Regulation (EU) No 575/2013 (CRR) and only when both CRR and Solvency (2009/138/EC) apply. The requirements are stacked up high! Article 9 says basically this:  a solvency […]

Jay! EBA publishes first final draft technical standards on own funds.

The EBA published the first final draft technical standards on own funds. Its actually a bundle that complements CRR IV, the new European regulation on capital. Haven’t had the time to digest fthe final versions, but there are four pieces, according to the EBA website: The RTS on own funds part I specify elements of […]

What actually is Basel’s contribution to the new IASB impairment model?

Just returning from a talk by Sir David Tweedie. Funny as always and sharp, he discussed a short history on accounting standard setting. He spared few parties, with France taking most of his flak. Perhaps Sir David has a point. Accounting standard setting would be different if France was not involved. But why blame France? […]

EBA requires banks to hold Nominal capital levels

Today the EBA made an announcement that requires banks to hold nominal amounts of capital over amounts previously set out in a recommendation set out a year ago. When banks’ capital levels fall below the nominal floor, they will have to present credible plans for restoration. This looks like a novelty, as banks are used […]

IASB’s stance on AOCI Discussion Paper on the new Conceptual Framework

A large document for sure, and relevant, as accounting is the prime source of capital values. Shaun Drummon of AFR notices the Board’s stance on AOCI: “One of the most controversial has been the liberal use of other comprehensive income (OCI), otherwise known as the reserve, in revisions to accounting rules to park movements in […]

Another one (BOA) bites the AOCI dust.

Bloomberg News reports quite accurately on BOA’s AOCI perils. Bank of America’s AOCI loss more than doubled to $7.71 billion at the end of June from $3.49 billion on March 31, according to figures released on the bank’s website.Under rules proposed by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, known as Basel III, the regulatory capital measure […]

Europe’s painful phase-out of old-style capital instruments

Matthew Attwood in Financial News reports on the difficulties that European banks face when replacing pre-crises capital instruments by Basel III compliant instruments. This was a small disaster waiting to happen, as Bazel III rules made it clear, pretty much from the outset, that it wanted to see the back of “old-style” instruments sooner rather than […]